Rockerbox thickness:

Measure the real thickness of your rockerbox including the thickness of an ebony-ring or other bearing material.

Center bolt diameter:

Measure the diameter of the center bolt of your rockerbox. If your rockerbox has a center clearance instead, Please enter the diamter of this clearance in mm. From the value, we have a pretty good guess if it is about a center bolt or a clearance ;-)

If "clearance", we will mount three ball bearings instead. Like in the picture below.


Diameter of bearing material:

Measure the outer diameter of your bearing material in mm. If you want to use a second scope on the platform which has a different diameter, leave a note in the comment field for the second diameter.


Example 16" on small version

Here you can see a typical 16 inch Rockerbox with a width of roughly 50cm on the small version of our EQP.


Example 18" on large version

Here you can see a typical 18 inch Rockerbox with a width of roughly 57cm on the large version of our EQP. A good combination as well.


No go, 18" on small version

And this shows a combination which should not be chosen. The 18" rockerbox is just about too large for the small ver