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Unique App driven

Equatorial Platform

Want your Dobson or tripod mounted scope to follow the object in your eyepiece? Searching for a faint-fuzzy and want to risk a view into your starchart? Want to change your eyepiece without loosing the observed object?

Don't worry any longer. This equatorial platform keeps your object centered in the eyepiece for at least 70 minutes with precise tracking.
handmade by

solid construction

full aluminum construction

Zero maintenance bearings

only 3  or 4 kilogram weight

carries scopes with ~70kg weight

driven by a stepper motor

easy wireless connectivity

fully controllable from your Android Smartphone

integrated digital compass for easy setup

hassle free operation

runs automatically if you want to operate without smartphone

easy reset to start position by pressing a lever.

USB powered, use your existing powerbank


unique App features

fully controllable from your Android Smartphone

supports three different speeds (stars, moon, sun) for absolute precise tracking

speed settings can be fine-tuned by you for absolute precise adjustments to your scope.


Bengt's 14,5 '' dobson on a small EQ 

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