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Mechanical features

Full aluminum construction. Glued with special aluminum epoxy glue for maximum stiffness.
Zero maintenance bearings, no lubrication needed.
Easy replaceable friction stripes to increase friction for very light scopes.
Reset lever included. No more manual lifting of your scope or forcefully bringing the platform to it's start position.

See Video
Magnetic end-switch. No more broken end-levers on switches.
~70 minutes precise tracking.

Carries scopes with ~70kg weight.
Motor mounted inside the construction. No drive shaft accidents are possible.

Height-adjustable feet.


Small Version: 530€

Large Version: 560€

+ Shipping

+ optional modifications to mount your dobson (see description)

Dimensions and weight

Small Version:

Dimensions 56 x 58 x 12 (width x length x height in cm)
Weight 3.2kg

Large Version:

Dimensions 73 x 66 x 13.5 (width x length x height in cm)

Weight 4.1kg


App Features

Fully controllable from your Android Smartphone.
Supports three different speeds (stars, moon, sun).
Speed settings can be fine-tuned  for precise adjustments to your scope.
EQ starts automatically if you want to operate without smartphone.
Integrated digital compass inside platform for easy setup.
Supports a learning mode to have exact runtime.
Tells you the remaining runtime.
Tells you the overall operating time (coming soon).


Manuel operation

         You can control your platform with these 2 buttons (no app needed)

  • press the green button for a long time, to start the platform

  • press the green button shortly, to increase the speed

  • press the red button for a long time, to turn the platform off

  • press the red button shortly, to decrease the speed


Other features

Warns you with a beep 15 minutes before reaching it's end position.
Stops automatically when reaching the end position and gives a acoustic feedback.
USB powered, use your existing powerbank or any other source providing a USB jack.


Other advantages

No more accidentally changing the speed when touching a trim knob.
Don't search for difficult objects somewhere at the end of the runtime. Warns 15 minutes before reaching end position.
Step on the reset lever and push your scope back to start position. No accidents with scopes slipping off.

Mechanical start- and end-position stoppers.

Easily replace friction-stripes on the engine-side segment to enhance friction for very light scopes.

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